SIGN UP FOR CSA BOXES ARE OPEN FROM APRIL 24 to MAY 15, 2020.  NEED TO PRINT AND SEND YOUR REGISTRATION SHEET AND CHECK.  CLICK THE "SIGN UP" BUTTON BELOW FOR THAT INFORMATION.  If you don't have a printer, please email me at rick@lancashirefarms.com and/or get me your address, I will mail it to you ASAP.  

A FULL - Example of Spring/Summer boxes:

Example of a Spring/Summer Box (items in season, change) and likely May 25th-Sept. 5, 2020 (15 w):

  • 1 bunch of radishes
  • 1 bunch of Spring onions
  • 1 bag of spinach
  • 1 bunch of asparagus or peas
  • 1 bag of baby kale
  • 1 bag of baby spinach
  • 1 head of lettuce
  • 1 head of Bok-Choy
  • 1 bunch of green beans 
  • 1 jar of rhubarb, fruit, or berry jam/jelly
  • and/or Fresh Berries, like Strawberries/Currants
  • and a few herbs.  
  • Corn, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, onions or other things as they become ripe in July/August, etc. 
  • hopefully, recipes from time to time.  
  • Note: We will try to put in 10-12 different items into each box.  However, the first few weeks we will not have as much variety.  Therefore, as the summer moves on, more things will be ripe and we should have a bigger variety or even a fuller box.  Many produces will overlap into Autumn boxes...

beans and other vegetables for the CSA box

Don't forget about the beans, through those in your Stir Fry if you like...

A FULL - Summer/Autumn Box Example:

Example of a Summer/Autumn Box (items in season, change) and likely Sept 7th-Dec. 19, 2020 (15 w):

  •  1 dozen ears of corn
  • A few tomatoes
  • A few peppers
  • A few cucumbers
  • A head of cabbage
  • A few cantaloupe
  • 1 watermelon 
  • a bunch of beets
  • A bunch of carrots
  • A few potatoes and/or sweet potatoes
  • A few onions 
  • A bag of greens
  • 1 jar of berry jam/jelly and/or Fresh Berries
  • and a few herbs.  
  • hopefully, recipes from time to time. 
  •  Note: the aim is fresh every time, but substitute with other products when fresh things might not be available or too much of the same. Many veggies will overlap from the Winter boxes listed below...


Elderberry field...you can get these berries in late summer and DIY Elderberry Syrup for your family

A FULL - True Winter Box Example:

Just an Example of a Winter Box (of course, items change) and may be more/less/none of each:

The First Winter box is exploratory - in other words, it depends on supply and demand.

Also, if we put in a Certified Kitchen to make baked goods.  We want to be as safe as 

possible and get our customers the best.  If Spring/Summer/Autumn go well and enough 

business is procured for a State Certified Kitchen then we may go ahead with this winter

box...for 10-15 weeks (will be updated in the Autumn).  This may end up being only a veggies box too depending on the demand.  

  • 1 head of cabbage
  • 1 quart of Brussels sprouts
  • A few sweet potatoes
  • A butternut or winter squash, like acorn, etc. 
  • A bag of kale
  • 1 quart of red beets
  • A few radishes
  • A few pounds of carrots
  • A few potatoes
  • A few onions 
  • Loaf of homemade bread and/or fruit pie/rolls/cookies, pending Certified Kitchen completion/Winter box interest.  
  • 1 jar of berry jam/jelly and/or frozen berries (DIY Elderberry Syrup)
  • Maybe put in or change in fruit cobbler, or maple syrup
  • Recipes from time to time. 
  • Remember "baked goodies" may substituent fresh veggies at times, if we have a certified kitchen, etc. 


Those potatoes are great when local!

Some Content in your weekly box.

Best Tasting Strawberries ever!

Best Tasting Strawberries ever!

Best Tasting Strawberries ever!

Strawberries, fresh and Non-GMO, not sprayed with countless chemicals...hand picked and hand weeded.

Often, the most chemically sprayed berry with herbicides and pesticides on the planet...strawberries are hard to get fresh and chemically-free.  However, the work is difficult for this tasty berry, but you'll probably never taste a better berry in your life, unless you plant and do your own.  These will be added to the boxes when in season...1-3 weeks in June, as supplies allow.  Usually, selling for $5 or more a quart at Farmer's Markets. 

Baked Goodies...

Best Tasting Strawberries ever!

Best Tasting Strawberries ever!

cinnamon rolls

Baked goodies are NOT included until we can procure/build a State Certified Kitchen to make sure our products are the best for our customers.

We believe selling direct is not an issue, but to error on the side of caution, we are waiting out this Spring/Summer/Fall to see the interest in Winter boxes with approved baked goods from a certified kitchen.  Sorry, for any inconvenience, fresh veggies and fruits are better anyway:)

Common and Uncommon Veggies

Best Tasting Strawberries ever!

Common and Uncommon Veggies

Kohlrabi and onions

Are you adventurous?  Do you like to mix it up?  Most humans are creatures of habit, including what they like to eat, but why not try something new?

Sure, that baby kale, Bok-Choy, or kohlrabi wasn't what you normally ate, but searching for a quick recipe might be a game-changer.

However, we will include some recipes as well...we want to help you enjoy common and uncommon fruits and vegetables. 

The Lemon Door in Fennimore

Elderberry - U-Pick or Box?

Common and Uncommon Veggies


Drop off/pick up points will be in any town that opens up with 5 or more customers.  For instance, The Lemon Door owner has offered to be a pick up place for Saturday mornings...or other days.  The Library in Lancaster has agreed to be another pick up place.  Prairie du Chien and Platteville have yet to be determined, but some places are in communication with us.  We hope to have a 4-8 hour window, with some of that time outside normal business hours to help everyone have time to get their boxes.  

Elderberry - U-Pick or Box?

Elderberry - U-Pick or Box?

Elderberry - U-Pick or Box?

Fresh Elderberries in CSA Box

People are learning fast about the great health benefits of Elderberry again.  This wild American version, is almost twice as beneficial than its European cousin and has almost none of the hyped-up dangers.  

This will not make you have a tummy ache if eaten fresh and new studies are forth coming from the University of Missouri dispelling the falsehoods. Absolutely, no risk if cooked. 

What will happen?  Your taste buds will "thank you" as you beef up your immune system with syrups, jellies, jams, or tea from their flowers. 

Honey Berries

Elderberry - U-Pick or Box?

Elderberry - U-Pick or Box?

Fresh Honey berries in CSA Box

Some of the berries that will likely be fresh this year in your boxes or ready for U-Pick are these Honey berries.  Some say a they taste like a mix of Strawberries and blueberries.  

All the berries on my farm a exceptionally healthy for you, Aronia being the highest on the ORAC USDA comparison chart.  Elderberries second, cranberries third, and Black Currants 4th.  The only one I don't have is cranberries.  Many of these are great for smoothies if you do that kind of thing.   

Going for Spring/Summer, Summer/Fall, and Winter boxes.

Fresh, organically grown vegetables all put in a CSA box for you.  Greens, onions, radishes, etc.

Note: We are currently running a Facebook "Ask"

At  https://www.facebook.com/lancashirefarms/ we are asking people if they are seriously interested in a Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) box of fresh berries and vegetables.  This page will help explain what that means.  This is not new, although you may be new to the idea, the boxes are full of In-Season vegetables (and in our case fruit too) usually delivered to a drop-off point in your town to pick up weekly or bi-weekly.  Please visit the Facebook page to private message (PM) or comment to be included in this initial phase.  Don't forget to "like" my page for quick updates. Not, just for boxes, but U-Pick and other specials.  

The Boxes time frame...

Based on current thoughts from potential buyers on Facebook, there are some options.  Most likely, we will do 15-week-periods, because the price needs to be paid "Up Front", the cost can feel like a lot.  However, when you consider 15-weeks is around 4 months supply, it's reasonable.  The reason for "up front" payment, is the seeds, supplies, and work needs to start long before you see your fresh box of food.  The time frame takes commitment on both the farmer and the customers side.  

What weeks or months, you ask?

I believe we could start delivering in the last week in May.  That means - May, June, July, August and into September for Spring/Summer boxes.  September, October, November, and December for Autumn boxes.  Winter boxes would be January, February, and maybe some of March.  In 2021, we hope to change this and have Spring Boxes are in March, April, and May...then Summer and Fall boxes.  This is why Winter boxes are not FIRM right now, you have to stay tuned to know if I will proceed with those. 

NOTE: In 2021, we hope to change this and have Spring Boxes are in March, April, and May...then Summer and Fall boxes.  This is why Winter boxes are not FIRM right now, you have to stay tuned to know if I will proceed with those. 

What is a bi-weekly box?

Simple as it sounds.  If you are a family of only two people, then this might be a good choice for you.  This means, you commit to the same larger box of food but only take delivery every other week.  This would be 8 weeks of the 15 weeks.  However, you might only get one portion of a fruit or veggie in season during those two weeks.  You also need to consider these in-season veggies/fruit generally last longer than ones from stores, because they've been picked early and shipped for periods of time.  So fridge time is longer, but not more than a week on all items. 

What is a half a box?

So, although it sounds perfect, when you're a smaller family, you still can consider bi-weekly.  With this box, you are receiving about 1/2 of a normal box.  The price will be a little more than half the cost of a regular box because supplies and delivery costs do not go down just because you take less produce.  The benefit is that you get most of the fresh items at their in-season time frame, but you also will have less of something you might really want/like and  possibly not some items included in the larger boxes.  Still, a nice option for smaller families/individuals.  

What then is in each box? What's the Price?

     The cost of a weekly, normal box that should feed four people for 1 week on veggies with some fruit mixed in would be $35 a week (if picked up from a drop off point).  $5 extra for home delivery (exceptions made for disabled or home-bound folks).  

     Of course, bi-weekly boxes are still $35 and a full box, but you only pay for 8 weeks up front.

     The 1/2 box, for a family between 1-3 would be $20 a box and needs to be the full 15 weeks, not bi-weekly.

                                                                         Total cost:

Full boxes per 15-week season = $525, full box, feeds 4-5 people, good portions like in picture, with added berries still. 

8-week boxes, or bi-weekly = $280, same full box, just every other week.

1/2 size boxes, all 15 weeks ($20 a box) = $300, 1/2 of a full box, but fresh every week!

                                                                        Delivery costs:


$5 extra per week - if you want delivery to your porch/door.   This is ONLY if there is a "drop off" place in your town already.  Email: rick@lancashirefarms.com and/or call/text: 608-732-3400