"Let's Produce Health!"

Black Currant Farm

Black Currants growing wonderfully on the Hills of Lancashire Farms LLC

These berries are extremely healthy and we look forward to sharing their vitamins with our friends and the world in 2020! 

American Elderberry - a few pounds left at $8 a pound 2019!


You've heard of Elderberry?  Yes, you can make wine, jams, jellies, teas, and even natural food dyes, but what about Elderberry Syrup? 

"A teaspoon a day, can keep the doctor away" - packed with Vitamin C and Antioxidants - you've probably seen it advertised on TV.  

We were buying it and giving it to our kids throughout the school year, now we can make our own without fears of herbicide and pesticide sprayed on it.  And yes, we dry the flowers to brew our tea - tasty! 1 pound of Elderberry equals about 3 cups.

Beyond Berries


As a nursery, we are willing to sell you plants to make your landscape edible or just beautiful.  We are working on growing our U Pick Berries like:

  • Black and Red Currants 
  • Seedless Grapes, wine grapes soon, like Concord. 
  • Aronia, Elderberry, Goji berry, Raspberry and Honey berry
  • Other plants you might want or need 

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to call us or come calling - for now, better to call first to make sure you know what is in season and what you can still get fresh.  Otherwise, we will  be cleaning and freezing many products - even hops...so hop over can check us out. 


6335 MOUNT ZION RD, Lancaster, WI 53813, US

(608) 732-3400

Drop us a line!


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