Black Currant Field - Harvest Day July 2020

 We are presenting a great family event coming early July 2020 -  There will be good sales on Jams and Veggies as well as, games for kids (maybe face painting) and you can test your hand at picking your own berries for only $3 a pound (or take off a some pounds from the harvester). You'll fall in love with the taste of the Jam and want to make your own or try making wine or sauces (recipes will be on hand to take) samples of Jam will be on hand. Come and enjoy, most likely the weekend after the Fourth of July. Harvest Day Fun black currant

It's for your health...

U Pick - always the cheaper way to get fresh berries.


I am certainly not against picking and selling my berries de-stemmed and cleaned, but you can save some green by using those green thumbs.  Usually, all my berried are $3 a pound if you pick them, but $8.00 a pound if you buy them picked and cleaned already.  NOTE: Elderberry is going up to $5 a pound for U Pick in 2020 and $10 for picked/cleaned. 

Announcing First Harvest Day/Grand Opening of Lancashire Farms.

Black Currant field outside Lancaster, WI 53813

Harvest Day, early July 2020!  This event should be for the whole family - we want to make it fun, but also rewarding with great deals on produce and local food, even food trucks, etc. 

Black Currant Jam - it is worth it now and during the winter months.


Of all my berries, I think Black Currant makes the best Jam or Jelly.  We tried it on a home-made crepe and I think Paris food vendors would be jealous.  It's such a healthy berry and yet contains all the features of an tasty fruit.   Not so table ready as grapes or blueberries, but amazing in many recipes. We sell a 1/2 pint (8 OZ) jars for $5 and a pint (16 OZ) for $10

Dancing in the fields is optional...


My daughter loves the outdoors, as she says, "I'm an outside girl."  This is so much better than sitting indoors glued to a screen, so I hope you'll bring your children to pick berries with you...a great way to let them experience fresh air and food.  

Currants grow in cluster-stems...


This pattern of growth makes them easier to hand-pick, although Aronia seems easier for me.  Much easier than Raspberry and Black Berry for sure.  You really need to read about the health they give to humans when they ingest them.

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Black Currants have...


300 percent of vitamin C for the daily recommended value in about 100-gram servicing (less than a cup of Apples serving size).  They have B-vitamins.  Iron, as well as, calcium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and potassium.  They have a high ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) - only behind choke-berries (Aronia), Elderberries, and Cranberries, (and this farm has all but cranberries for sale).